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  1. 浙江省晶进东机械有限公司

    VHA Should Improve Activation Cost Estimates and Oversight
    GAO-20-169 Published: Jan 2, 2020. Publicly Released: Jan 2, 2020.
  2. 安陆捷益长设备有限公司

    Improvements Needed for Controls on Exports of Cruise Missile and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology
    GAO-04-493T Published: Mar 9, 2004. Publicly Released: Mar 9, 2004.
  3. Impoundment Control Act--Withholding of Funds through Their Date of Expiration
    B-330330 Dec 10, 2018.
  4. 太湖金千中服务有限公司

    Agencies Could Do More to Help Address the Nutritional Needs of Older Adults
    GAO-20-18 Published: Nov 21, 2019. Publicly Released: Dec 23, 2019.
  5. 那曲润禄元商贸有限公司

    Secret Service and DOD Need to Ensure That Expenditure Reports Are Prepared and Submitted to Congress
    GAO-19-178 Published: Jan 17, 2019. Publicly Released: Feb 5, 2019.